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Ordano Oil Services is a local Procurement Company specialized in re-sourcing and supplying equipment and spare parts to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry in Libya. We have been dealing with the major companies in Oil & Gas sector in Libya and fulfilling their requirements with the best competitive prices. Ordano Oil Services aim is to offer clients the highest quality of services and to set the highest standard of performance.

                              Grove B4 Side Entry Ball Valve


 Standard features :-

*      Double barrier stem seals (the upper seal can be replaced with the valves in line, under pressure with the ball in the closed position).

*      Short coupled trunnions to minimize unit bearing loads and operating torque.

*      Factory positioned external stops.

*      Stem separate from the ball, anti-blow-out design. Side load on the stem.

*      Plastic polymer insert for seat sealing.

*      Self relieving seats for classes 150, 300.

*      Metal-backed self lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washers reduce torque and extend service life.

*      Emergency grease fitting for stem.

*      Nickel Plating for trim parts.

*      Fire safe graphite rings for protection against external leakage.

                              Grove B5 Side Entry Ball Valve



Standard features :-

*      Double barrier stem seals.

*      Stem separate from the ball, anti-blow-out design.

*      No side load on the stem. Bearing blocks absorb the pressure load on the ball.

*      Primary metal-to-metal seal and secondary protected sytethic O-ring seal.

*      Double sealing barrier in both directions (DPE).

*      Body relief valve for overpressure due to liquid thermal expansion.

*      Built in sealant injection system for emergency seats seal.

*      Metal-backed self lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washer reduce torque and extend service life.

*      Nickel plating for trim parts.

*      Trunnion mounted ball for ease of operation at high pressure.

*      Large diameter short coupled trunnions to minimize unit bearing loads and operating torque.

                              Grove B7 Side Entry Bolted Body



Standard features :-

*      Size range: 8 to 20

*      ANSI Class 2500

*      Trunnion mounted

*      Double barrier stem seals

*      Stem separate from the ball

*      Anti-blow-out stem design

*      Low friction metal-backed self lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washers

*      Primary metal-to-metal seal and protected secondary O-ring seal

*      Double-piston-effect seat rings (double sealing barrier in both directions)

*      Double-block-and-bleed pressure relief valve in the body cavity to prevent pressure lock

*      Explosive decompression resistant seals

*      Sealant injection system for emergency seat sealing

*      Factory positioned external stops

*      Integral stop in the adapter plate for a permanent reference to open and closed positions

*      Electroless nickel coating on pressure-controlling parts and stem

*      CE marking (PED Directive)

                              41005 Series Cage Guided Valve



The Dresser Masoneilan 41005 Series cage-guided globe valve is designed with balanced trim configurations. This product line is engineered to efficiently handle demanding process conditions including applications with high-pressure drops and large temperature variations. Optional features include noise attenuation and anti-cavitation trim designs.

Key feature :-

Key features of the 41005 Series includes balanced trim construction, heavy cage-guiding, high capacity bodies and a wide operating range in terms of sizes, pressure ranges and construction materials.  Standard product options include noise attenuation trim, anti-cavitation designs, soft-seat construction, high temperature / tight shut-off design and customized trim options. The heavy cage-guided construction provides excellent dynamic support and trim alignment throughout the entire valve stroke range.


                              87/88 Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators




The 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm actuator is the standard pneumatic actuator design provided with Dresser Masoneilan reciprocating control valves. It is available in four standard sizes with multiple spring ranges to meet a wide range of applications. The standard maximum stroke available is up to 2.5" (64 mm) and can be provided in either air-to-extend or air-to-retract configuration depending on desired fail safe action.

Key features :-

Key features of the 87/88 Actuators include a rolling diaphragm design, multiple spring construction and various spring range options as well as simple spud nut and stem connections. They also feature an optional side-mounted handwheel design, and complete field reversibility without any additional parts. Common spring designs are used in different combinations and assembly configurations to provide the standard spring ranges available.


                              Model 8012/8013 Electro-Pneumatic Valave Positioners




The Model 8012 and 8013 electro-pneumatic valve positioners provide accurate and reliable conversion of controller dc output signal directly to actuator pneumatic input within an integrated package. These positioners include a multi-lobe cam design providing inherent flexibility to set various flow characteristics, and split-ranging capabilities for sequential operation of multiple control valves using a single controller.


Key features :-

The 8012 and 8013 provide fast operating speeds resulting in excellent dynamic response to meet various process control requirements. They deliver maximum flexibility as they can be configured for use with either reciprocating or rotary motion control valves. Users can further optimize their control loop performance by applying the most suitable flow characterization for any specific process using the standard or customized cam designs.


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